Straight from the Heart…

Straight from the Heart…

To express one’s views is a fundamental right under democracy and I respect it.

Democracy means to accept one’s views in spite of not agreeing with them. This is the true culture of democracy. The above adage is applicable to the common man as well as politicians alike.

The media (electronic, print and others) acts a bridge between us politicians and people who convey our message to the masses. They do their job efficiently and at times put their life in danger while doing so. It is worth commendable but mistakes happen and to err is human. Many a times what happens is we politicians say something and the media interprets it in wrong way. Once our ‘wrongly interpreted’ message reaches across to the masses they are not in a mood to judge the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ of it. I, myself have suffered at the hands of such callous behavior.

Aftermath of 26/11 I had uttered these words ‘badi badi shehron mein chhoti chhoti batien hoti rehti hain’. But what followed was misinterpretation of my statement as only a part of it was shown which was politically incorrect. On ethical grounds I resigned.

These bitter-sweet experiences left me contemplating a road less travelled. I want to be able to communicate directly with the masses and the media without anyone interpreting my views. This blog will serve the dual purpose of conveying my thoughts to everybody. Whatever will appear on the blog will be solely my opinion and my views. Technology has no vested interests, no censors and is not in the human race. Technology gives us a clear picture and not a distorted image.

Through this blog I will sincerely try to communicate with you regularly. The media can take my words for granted as I will be directly responsible for what appears on the blog. The blog is also for the masses to exchange their views and opinions with me.

To go back in the era of Shivaji Maharaj I will not hesitate to refer to my blog as a modernized version of ancient ‘Taam patra’.

‘Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra!

R.R Patil
Home Minister, Maharashtra State

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2 Responses to Straight from the Heart…

  1. deepuu says:

    Aaba RamRam,

    First of all thanks for coming online as I respect you as a politicain and as a human.
    We all should thank you for being upfront and taking the initiative on doing great work for the state and the society.
    However , I feel that nothing has been done from your side to stop corruption in the police department(as you the boss for that). Neither we are seeing any steps taken by you to control corruption. There could be various reasons which we i.e. commom people are not aware. But you are being remembered for being blunt and honest. We would like to see intitiatives on things can be improved. We all know its not easy but we have to start somewhere , define some strategy as to how the department can be improved(and for gods sake dont take any political advise..sorry to say the advise will be corrupted). Today people are not scared of the department . People say it openly..”Paise gheon kaam karnari” …do they dare to do all wrong things..Change that Aaba. Everyone is looking at you. Media..its good for rich bad for poor..So better I not speak about it..Can justify that…

    Will meet again in the next episode
    Tumcha Subhchintak…

  2. parantap says:

    Why politics, no vocation in the world is easy. Everyone these days is busy. So much so that none has time for others. But since you started the blog voluntarily we expect you to attend to it at least once in a week and reply to the comments on this blog. And please do not entrust the job of attending to this blog to one of the Babus in your office or else this will meet the same fate as the files in any Government office.

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