दिल्ली मधील अजून एक busy दिवस….

कालचा दिवस दिल्लीतला एक फारच धावपळीचा दिवस होता ..
महाराष्ट्रा संदर्भातल्या अनेक मिटींग्ज आणि अनेकानेक पाठपुरावा करण्याचे मुद्दे ..
काही लोकांना वाटत कि राजकारण हे एक सोपं क्षेत्र आहे ..
पण खर म्हटलं तर हे एक फार अवघड क्षेत्र आणि प्रक्रिया आहे ..
मी नंतर तुमच्याशी डिटेल मध्ये बोलेनच …
आता जरा अधिवेशनाची तयारी करतो..
माझं तुम्हा सर्वांना प्रेम..

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2 Responses to दिल्ली मधील अजून एक busy दिवस….

  1. kapilmore says:

    We do understand the hardwork that goes in politics…
    One beurocrate had once said of Sharad Pawar”If you spend one day with him and just silently see the sheer number of people he meets ,that itself is so tiring…and Sharad Pawar does this everyday from 6:30 in morning to late night meeting to so many people , listening and talking to them ..that itself is a feat” …politics is hard work , high risk , higg pressure thankless job..we do understand that Abba

  2. slatpate says:

    Hello Aaba !
    This visit to Delhi was highly important and all we Marathi people were waiting for the
    outcome. The nice thing we saw is, all party members were with you.
    We wish our support and would like to thank you for taking initiative by leaders of one of the greatest state ‘Maharashtra’.
    Belgaon is part of our state and we could not allow to loose it. Hope Supreme court shall give justice to all that fight which been since about 50 years.

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