One more hectic day in Delhi…

Yesterday was a very hectic day in Delhi…
so many meetings & issues to pursue about Maharashtra…
some people think that politics is an easy occupation but it is the most difficult occupation & process.
I will talk to you later at length,
now preparing for the session…
lv . Aaba

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One Response to One more hectic day in Delhi…

  1. whistleblower786 says:

    Aabha, there is not a single soul on earth that is not busy. If we are not busy, life will be lull. Well, good and honest politicians like you are very rare. Mr. Anna Hazare once told me that he found you to be the only honest politician in the state in present times. May be Anna was correct. But then, I find that with change of times, this certificate given by Anna is drifting away. This is so, because your home department is far being cleaned. Despite the Transfer Act 2005 which does not allow any government servant to be in a district for more than 3 years, we find that this law has gone to dogs, with several officials from the police department staying glued for several years. The same is in other departments too. So what is the use of the law? Why such defiance to the law particularly in your department? When will this situation change? or we following in the footsteps of some lawlessness state of our country!!

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