Me, Laine’s controversy & ‘Times’…

Good Morning!

I am very confident about my views of interdicting the book ‘Hindu King in Islamic India’ by James Laine. Yesterday, I came across a comment in a national newspaper by a journalist about how contradicting my views are as I initiate the ban on the book and at the same time my reverence for democracy. I respect their opinion.

With due respect to their views and upholding my opinion concurrently, I would like to mention a fact that please do not misinterpret ‘democracy for anarchy’. In democracy people are supreme. Their opinion is final and the representatives elected to the government are their mere delegates. The people of Maharashtra, Legislative assembly and Legislative council have nearly, together reached a consensus to ban the book.

The maligning statements in the book against Maharaj are completely based on loose talk and without any reference. The matter in the book cannot be called historical research but is sadist in nature of the author James Laine. ‘Maharashtrian’s tell jokes naughtily…’can’t have evolved out of history, can it?

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is a symbol of India’s pride and sovereignty. He is also an inspiration for our whole country. Rabindranath Tagore, considered to be a poet of international stature had composed a poem on Maharaj. Late writer P.L Deshpande had translated the poem in Marathi titled ‘Jayatu Shivaji’. It is not justified that you malign a name of such high stature when that person is no more and not in position to defend self.  This is a grave offence to democracy based on word to mouth talk.

World democracy and freedom cannot be unrestrained. In a country like America where ‘Statue of Liberty’ symbolises freedom thereto people have to respect other person’s independence. One has to keep in mind ‘responsibility coming out of freedom’ has to be given due prominence.

The decision to ban the book was taken unanimously by people’s representatives and people themselves. I take pride in proclaiming that it was me who took the initiative and would uphold it in future. I urge the reporter of that ‘national newspaper’, democratic worshippers and people of media to kindly make a mental note of this fact.

Love and warm regards to my bloggers.

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One Response to Me, Laine’s controversy & ‘Times’…

  1. slatpate says:

    What a reply this is. I live in Maharashtra and my demand was same as what Aaba has declared in VidhanSabha. This English daily has never shown any respect to Shivaji Mahraraj. .. And If I am correct… I heard that They used very cheap words(…Finally that bastard(..veer savarkar) got what he was deserving) about Veer Savarkar when he got sentenced for life. I think That English daily should check where their loyalties are residing ?
    Aaba… I believe all we Maharashtrian support this decision.

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