Congratulations ‘Team Natrang’….

Namaskar to the team of Natrang!

Congratulations to the team of Natrang for being bestowed with a National Award. Born from Marathi soil this creation has received accolades all over India. It’s a proud moment for Maharashtra and it will be forever etched on the minds of artists for generations to come.

Natrang has a list of achievements to its credit; production, story, direction, music, cinematography, acting and dance. Renowned erudite Anand Yadav’s heart rendering story, Ravi Jadhav’s skilled direction, ZEE’s excellent production, Guru Thakur’s evergreen songs and dialogues, Ajay-Atul’s melodies, performances of brilliant artists like Atul Kulkarni,  Sonali Kulkarni, Kishore Kadam and others. The movie was widely appreciated by Marathi people and has found a special place in the hearts of thousands of movie lovers like me.

The great Dadasaheb Phalke was a pioneer in film making followed by Shantaram Bapu, Master Vinayak to new generation film makers Sachin Pilgaonkar, Mahesh Kothare and other talented actors who took the Marathi film industry to its peak. The success of ‘Shwaas’ showed that Marathi films have an excellent future. I take this opportunity to applaud ‘Acharya Atre’ and ‘Shyamchi Aai’ as they have had the honor of bringing the first National Award to Marathi film world. The success of ‘Natrang’ brought magnificence to the Marathi film world.

Lavani, Sangeet bari is the soul of Maharashtra’s folk music. People pledged their life for Lavani.Connoisseur’s proudly showed off their love for the art, while others created unparallel lavani, vag and gavalni which became immortal. But it was not an easy task. Many families were destroyed for the love of folk-art and it happens even today. Natrang showed us the mirror image of how difficult is the life of folk artists.

As we make progress in various fields it saddens me to see that the folk artists who form a chunk of our society live a derelict life and have to struggle for a small piece of bread. I being a part of the government structure genuinely feel I should do something for their upliftment. I extend my best wishes to the artists and the technicians of Natrang for making us proud. I will do whatever is best for them in my capacity.

Jai Maharashtra!
Home Minister, State of Maharashtra

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