I, R. R….


I am Raosaheb Ramrao Patil.
I am fondly called Aaba by my friends and well-wishers. And now that has become my identity.

I was born on 16th August 1957 in Tasgaon, Sangli district in Maharashtra State. Anjani is my birthplace. I went to school belonging to Hon. Prin. P.B. Patil and completed my education while working along to pay the fees in kind.  I completed my graduation in Art from Shantiniketan College in Sangli and did my law.

In beginning of my political career from 1979 to 1990 I was a member of Sangli Jilha Parishad. I was elected to Maharashtra Assembly in 1990, 1995, 1999, 2004 and 2009.

In the capacity as Rural Development  Minister I undertook Gadge Maharaj Cleanliness campaign in Maharashtra. Pawar saheb and prominent leaders in Maharashtra complimented me for the efforts and encouraged me.

When it comes to speaking about me, I become very conscious. As I talk about my experiences through my blog the feeling of diffidence engulfs me.

As Home Minister I was given Cabinet rank. With great trust and confidence Pawar saheb entrusted me with the responsibility of Police department.  How much success I got in my endeavor is to be decided by people of Maharashtra. I have no intentions of talking about it through my blog.

My life is influenced by Late Yashwantrao chavan, Vasantdada Patil and my inspiration Sharadchandraji Pawar. Under his able guidance I am trying to inculcate fearlessness and faith in people of Maharashtra through my police force.

Apart from this as a responsible worker of Rashtravadi Congress Party I am using my capabilities, intelligence and efforts for the betterment of the organization. Only my leaders and associates can tell me if I am successful in my attempt.

I prefer simplicity. I love to talk to simple, downtrodden people, talk about their sorrows and happiness. I personally feel politicians need to connect with people from grass root level.

Power, money is not stable in one’s life but people you connect with, excellent health and true friends make real wealth. It saddens me to see people around losing faith in the above. At such times I am reminded of a saying by Red Indians in context to American people. “unto the death of last tree, unto the withering of last tree and unto the death of last fish people will never understand the futility of money which you can’t eat to stay alive.”

I refrain myself from writing anything more than this. I am what I am and it’s beyond my power. Some people like me while some dislike me. Those who dislike me I have no angst against them.

It was media’s love that reached me to great heights and their blasphemy taught me a great lesson. So now I am well-versed with superfluous criticism and praise.

Blog is my medium of communicating with you and the words and statements appear here are official, belonging to me meaning (R.R Patil).
Please do not hesitate to print it as it is.